Gold Sponsors




  • Advertising & Public Relations
    Logo in major exhibition advertisements
    Mentioned in at least one PR release
  • Exhibition brochure
    Logo and paragraph in the sponsors’ section
    Half page advertisement in the brochure
  • Exhibition internet site
    The logo and a company description on the sponsor’s page
    The company’s logo will appear on the internet site with a link to the company’s site
  • E-mail marketing
    Logo in 25,000 monthly newsletters which will be send to companies in Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and the Middle East
  • Social Networks
    Logo on the exhibition’s pages in Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Exhibition Hall- exhibition area
    Stand of nine square meters
    Space will be made available for one banner
  • Opening ceremony
    Company included in opening speech
  • Closing ceremony
    Company thanked in closing speech
  • Seminars
    One seminar topic will be covered by sponsor subject to availability
  • Invitations
    Company will be allowed to issue invitations to key clients and associates